What can you do?

The City of Worcester is aggressively applying and campaigning for Google’s recently announced “Fiber for Communities” pilot project.  The program would bring “ultra-high speed broadband” of up to one gigabit to second to Worcester---more than 100 times faster than what Worcester residents currently get.  This would mean more and better access for residents, small businesses, growing industries, and large companies.

Our community is the right fit for this project because we have such a diverse mix of users, from a “small-city” size population, to biotech and medical organizations, to creative industry, and established companies.  Google’s project will provide a huge range of benefits to all of our residents and businesses if it comes---but we need your help applying.

What does Google Fiber mean for users?
  • Faster speeds and more bandwidth
  • Access to groundbreaking applications from Google and partners
  • Revolutionary use of technology with unprecedented scale and speed
What does Google Fiber mean for Worcester?
  • Economic development  & increased draw for new companies and industries
  • Improved intraagency communications
  • New applications for online government and resident communications
Why Worcester?
  • Diverse community of 175,000 residents
  • Wide-range of businesses, industries and organizations
  • Growing biotech hub
  • Strong community support

The most important thing you can do (in addition to any of the below options) is to submit your own application – with any original material - at google.com/appserve/fiberrfi/public/options
The more community applications Google gets to supplement the city application, the better we look. 

Things you can do:
  Upload a video to YouTube talking about why you want Google fiber or why you’re Woogling.  Tag it with “Woogle” and we’ll add it to the “WorcesterWoogle” channel (you can also subscribe to the channel to see what other people are doing.)  Be creative, silly, or serious, but keep it to the point! 
  Write a short statement in any format about why you’re Woogling, etc.  Send it to the official Woogle email at WorcesterWoogle@gmail.com and we’ll add it to the blog at WorcesterWoogle.blogspot.com.

  If you’re part of an organization(school, nonprofit, company), have members/students/employees submit their statements to the same blog. Setup all blogs on Blogger.com in the format WorcesterWoogle-yourorganizationname.blogspot.com  Do not use Wordpress!

  Show your support on the official map at WorcesterWoogle.blogspot.com

  Join the Facebook group and fan page

Whatever you do-Video, essay, podcast, musical performance- use Google tools(Buzz, Blogger, GoogleGroups, YouTube, Google Maps. etc), and interact with the WorcesterWoogle account in any way possible!